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Robot Coupe CL 50 Reviews and Deals proposed by Australian dealer: Petra Equipment.

Most recommended food processor by Petra ranking: #1 (2016)
Most recommended food processor by Petra ranking: #2  (2015)
Most recommended food processor by Petra ranking: #2  (2014)

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About the famous Robot Coupe CL 50 #1 in Australia and in France

Food preparation can be one of the tasks that take up time during preparation of a meal.it is more so time consuming when preparing food in bulk as it is in a commercial kitchen. That is why every restaurant café or any business that serves salads must own the Robot Coupe CL 50.

Robot Coupe cl 50 on saleThe main aim of a food preparation equipment is to save on labor time used in slicing, grinding of vegetables. An ideal food equipment machine must therefore perform this task at the shortest time possible. The CL 50 offers this advantage because it is able to prepare up to 1200 servings within three or less hours.

“Another benefit is with its versatility character. Unlike other good preparation brands, CL 50 can slice,grate, shred and dice any shape and size of vegetables. With the 38 available discs, one can choose to either slice using the 3mm slicing disk or use the 3mm grating disk.”

The machine also saves on the need to cut vegetables to smaller sizes so that they fit into the equipment. The sturdy machine is in this regard designed with a cylinder- shaped hopper that measures 2 inch in diameter. Taking the example f tomatoes, the chopper can fit in about 10 large tomatoes at once.

Further, the cylindrical shaped chopper makes it ideal to process long vegetables such as carrots or the delicate type such as mushrooms.

Powerful & Reliable Food Processor

Horsepower is yet another important feature that distinguishes the CL 50 from other food processors. Ideally the horsepower tell you how strong the equipment is for the task. A commercial food processor must be strong enough to withstand the processing of large food quantities. With a motor of 1.5hp, the equipment withstands heavy processing for as many hours as required.

Wattage is another determinant of whether the equipment can handle heavy-duty tasks. High wattage also helps achieve consistency In food processing which is essentially very important in a commercial kitchen. More importantly, this consistency needs to have a certain level of consistency. Low wattage motors will in this regard struggle to adequately grate or slice certain foods that are tough.

Further, the polycarbonate motor base is strong enough thus enabling the equipment withstand any manner of processing.

Ease of cleaning must always be among the top factors that one must consider before purchasing any food equipment. To determine ease of cleaning, the material used in construction of the equipment tell of its ease or difficulty in cleaning. The CL 50 is in this regard constructed substantially with a stainless steel material on parts such as the motor base.

The design of the vegetable processor also determines its ease of cleaning. While some attachments may be removed for cleaning, certain parts cannot be removed because they are permanently attached. It is undesired therefore to have an equipment with corners and crevices. In this regard, the Robot Coupe features a lid and pusher design that eliminates open catch areas that may hide any food particles.

robot-coupe-cl50-banner-made-in-franceRobot Coupe is a brand that has set itself apart in many ways. First, Robot Coupe is made in France, Which tells so much of its quality. The source country of a brand has been tested and proven that certain countries compromise on standards. A country that has received criticisms in the quality of its products is China. For instance, you will find that a food processor made in China use a lower quality of plastic in their food processor bowls.

Further, the level of experience has a direct bearing on the quality that a manufacturer produces. Robot coupe must be the preferred brand when one seeks to have a product that has been in the market for years and has continued to adjust all the years to satisfy its customers’ needs. The Robot Coupe brand was established 30 years ago in USA. Robot Coupe has remained relevant all these years and accordingly has been honored with several awards. These includes National Research Laboratory USDA award also being named as “Best in class” in the food processor company by an independent panel consisting of industry equipment dealers, consultants and broadlines.

In addition, replacement parts for the Robot coupe CL 50 are readily, available thus replacement of parts in case one part breaks is fast and easy. Moreover, Robot coupe has spare parts for their equipment that are up to 30 years old.

Unlike other brands, Robot Coupe CL 50 is designed with the ergonomics technology. Ergonomics is the science used to design equipment to optimize them for human use. Specifically this science aims at making a product more. Commercial kitchen entails continuous working for hours. Where workers are using forceful exertion every day for long hours, it may eventually lead to muscle and tendon injuries. To this extent, this model is designed with a lever activated auto start that makes it safe for use by staff for prolonged hours.

Robot Coupe has a wide range of blades such as Julienne blades, graters and dicing equipment.

European and Australian Food Regulation compliance

Moreover the brand has compiled with safety standards and is ETL electrical and sanitation Listed. To assure its customers of its high quality, the Robot Coupe CL 50 has a warranty of many years for its parts such as motors. The Robot Coupe CL 50 can be used to prepare a variety of recipes. Such recipes include fruit cocktails. To prepare a fruit cocktail of apples for instance, you need not slice the apple to fit in the hopper. Measuring an area of 227cm 2, this manual task is dispensed with.

French fries are ideally one of the most served foods in an eating joint especially in a fast foods business. The Robot coupe CL 50 in this regard shreds potatoes with precision and consistency making them appealing when served and tasty when eaten.

Salads are yet another recipe that is popular among food lovers. Salads are an essential accompaniment to most main course dishes that ideally a restaurant must serve. Salads are prepared using various ingredients but vegetables are essentially the dominant ingredient. With the cylindrical shaped chopper for instance, carrots for salad are professionally processed.

Generally, this model can be used to prepare any recipes that require vegetables such as cabbages, carrots, spinach and tomatoes. In addition, though mushrooms are delicate, the Robot Coupe CL 50 is able to prepare flawless mushrooms of all types. Mushrooms can be used to enhance the flavor of foods or separately used for a certain recipe. Some of the mushroom recipes are the mushroom stir fry and classic stuffed mushrooms. Check out another Robot Coupe Review from PG. You additionally download on this page: the Robot Coupe CL 50 manual.