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Meat mincers

meat mincer

Meat Mincers

If you are planning to make some special recipes like Sausages at home you sure need the right equipment to start the preparation and deliver the dish in a professional manner. You can actually checkout with your local butcher suppliers to find the meat mincer that helps you to start the process in cutting the meat to the right proportion suitable for the sausage making machines and also the sausage casings and vacuum sealer bags to pack and keep your sausage fresh and ready to serve. Sausage making at home is easy when you have the right equipment and you can actually choose the machine suitable to your needs from the butcher stores that offer these machines in different capacities based on which the price vary.



You can buy the Meat mincer to pound the meat to the desired shape and size with the right texture suitable for your recipe. The machine generally comes with different shaped blades to cut the meat into different sizes and shapes. You can find the machines in different capacities that can process 80 to 140 kgs meat per hour or 50 to 90 kgs meat per hour based on the motor capacity. The machine comes with two mincer plates, one knife, 1.5 hp motor running on 1100 watts, one mincer dolly, two sausage funnels, forward and reverses switch and also 12 month warranty. It is also easy to assemble and use the Meta mincer with no hassles to trim the meat.


Keep it clean

However, if you want the meta mincer to last for years it is important to follow some tips like maintaining the machine in good condition by keeping the blades sharp at all times and not overloading the machine at a single go. It is also better to freeze the mincer and its parts an hour before mincing to avoid fat leaks and derive the right texture of the meat. It is also necessary to clean the blades and other parts to avoid accumulation of germs.
When you purchase your own meat grinder, it is essential to figure out what your requirements are. If you are looking to merely use it for meat mincing at any time you’re at home and not really for any industrial uses, then it is probably best to buy a grinder that is hand operated and simple to use. Then again, if you are thinking to make or increase a homemade sausage making business for instance, then a heavy-duty meat mincer is the way to go.

Complimentary to sausage making machine

So once the meat is ready for the sausage you can use the sausage making machine for filling the sausage casings with the meat that are attached to the nozzle of the machine intended for filling the meat into the casings. Once the sausages are ready to cook you can add other ingredients of your desire to make variety recipes using homemade sausages that are not only delicious but also look yummy to serve. So just lookout for the best butcher suppliers offering the machines in competitive prices to start making wonderful recipes at home.