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julienne blade

Robot Coupe CL 50 Precision

CL 50-4 precisionPrecision from 50 discs to suit your needs

With a large number of discs available on market such as a cylindrical hopper of 58mm diameter for processing long and delicate vegetables, ex: cucumbers, mushrooms and courgettes, the Robot Coupe cl50 hold a large number of possibilities for your kitchen.

You should have a look at the different Robot Coupe cl50 blades: Julienne Blades, graters and French fries blades. You can alternatively download the Robot Coupe CL50 manual. From November to December 2016, we have the CL50 gourmet on discount and with an additionally free parsley kit. We provide fast shipping in Sydney & Melbourne.. You should add an additional 3 days for all other Australian cities.